Terms & Conditions


Aro Memorials Ltd.
Terms and Conditions


Allow 8 weeks 
to complete a headstone if the headstone is in stock



Allow 4 months
for a Custom Designed headstone to be made



Allow 2 months
for shipping in case of delays


  We highly recommend allowing more time if possible.  


Step 1: Deposit

Step 2: Photograph

Step 3: Wording


Place an order with a $200 deposit

Lay-by is available.

5 weeks
for processing by our Italian ceramic makers.

Provide us with the wording at least
5 weeks
before the headstone is needed,
we will create a draft layout for your approval.

Customized artwork is priced separately.
Allow 5 weeks to create.

We provide up to 5 draft layouts, thereafter there will be a $50 fee per amendment. 

Step 4: Sign the final layout

Step 5: Pay 75%;

Step 6: View and pay remainder

Step 7: Installation

3 weeks before the unveiling, shipping or collection.

The lettering cannot be changed once it has been signed off.

3 weeks before the unveiling, shipping or collection

View the finished headstone and pay the final balance.

The final balance must be paid no later than 1 week before the unveiling or shipping.

The headstone is then installed, delivered for shipping or prepared for

Please remove all decorations from the grave 1 week before the unveiling.



  • Installation Leveling Pad ($200 per plot) is required when installing a headstone and there is more than 75mm of slope/fall over the concrete berm.

  • The Shipping Waybill is available after the ship departs from Auckland. Shipping delays are beyond our control ~ allow for delays in your forward planning.

  • Custom Designed and Specified Coloured headstone orders require 50% of the invoice to be paid 4 months before the unveiling, shipping or collection.


Any orders not completed within the 2 years will be brought up to date with current pricing.

We have a No Refund Policy