Q: What does a headstone cost?

The cost will depend on the size, colour and style of the headstone.
 Prices can range from $995 to $15000.


Q: Shipping to the Islands, what would the cost be?

Shipping costs are included for headstones over the cost of $3495.
*You will be required to pay a handling and customs clearance fee to the receiving agent at the port of arrival. (Approximately NZD $300 - $400)* This is subject to the specific port regulations.

Q: How can I make payments?

You are most welcome to come in and make payments at any of our Branches as it suits you.

You are welcome to set up an Automatic payment with your bank,
we do ask that amounts paid are kept to a minimum of $20 per payment.
*bank details will be supplied on request.

Visa card payments are accepted but they do incur a surcharge of 3%.

International Money Transfers.

Western Union Online Payments from Australia
(lower bank fees - as you are doing the payment online)

Q: Is lay-by available?

Yes, we do offer layby for purchasing of headstones. 
*The headstone must be paid in full before installation and within a 12 month period.

Q: One person is already buried - how do we go about adding a second person to the headstone?

Providing there is space available on the existing headstone, we can do an additional inscription.

If there is no space available we can remove the headstone and re-polish the front face of the headstone (as long as the front face is a flat surface) and start with a new inscription.

We can remove the existing headstone and replace it with a new headstone.

Link to Services offered.

Q: What are headstones made of?

We use Granite for our headstones as it will not deteriorate and will hold its polish for many years to come.

Q: What are the different types of bases?

Standard Base: Is a rectangular shape, sized accordingly.

Splay Base: Is a rectangular Base with part of the front edge sloped.

Plinth: Is an additional piece that is placed between the Standard Base and the Headstone.

Sub-base: Is a smaller rectangular shaped base.

Q: What is a recumbent?

A recumbent is a desk that is laid down. (Higher at the back, lower in the front)

Q: Can we inscribe headstones in other languages (characters)?

Yes, we offer a variety of dialects including, but not limited to: Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Russian or any other Language required. Please be advised that this service will incur an additional cost.

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