Q: What does a headstone cost?

The cost will depend on the size, colour and style of the headstone. The average price for a headstone is around $3000. Prices can range from a small plaque at $395 to a Large Temple Set at $5995.

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Q: Shipping to the Islands, what would the cost be?

Shipping costs for the headstones are included in the medium to larger headstone packages (priced from $1995 and higher). For smaller headstones and plaques, the shipping cost is $250.
*You may be required to pay Customs Clearance fees to the receiving agent at the port of arrival. (Approximately NZD $200)*

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Q: What is the process, payment terms and conditions?

Step 1: Place the order with a $200 Deposit (non-refundable)

Step 2: Provide us with the Photograph, allow 5 WEEKS for processing

Step 3: Provide us with the Wording no later than 5 WEEKS before the Headstone is needed

Step 4: Sign the Layout once you have checked & approved everything. (This needs to be Signed no later than 3 WEEKS before the Headstone is needed for Installation, Collection or Shipping)

Step 5: 75% needs to be paid no later than 3 WEEKS before the Headstone is needed for Installation, Collection or Shipping 

Step 6: View the Finished Headstone & Pay the Final Balance before Installation (we need a minimum of 5 days) ~ Shipping or Collection

Step 7: The Headstone is then Installed or Delivered for Shipping

*Proof of Burial Rights Holder may be required if the headstone is to be installed in a public cemetery. Some Cemeteries require the Burial Rights Holder to give their consent for the Headstone to be installed as part of the Permit Application.

The Shipping Waybill is available once the ship leaves the Port of Auckland. We cannot be held responsible for any changes to the Shipping Schedule. Ships being delayed are circumstances that are out of our control.

Air freight is available at an extra cost.

Custom Designed Headstone Orders require 50% of the invoice to be paid a minimum of 12 WEEKS before the unveiling or shipping. This is to enable enough time to have the Headstone made to order.

We have a No Refund Policy. We do not ask for more money than is required for each stage, your money is used to run the business. If your circumstances do change you are able to change your order (except if we have ordered a One Off Custom Designed Headstone), OR you may Postpone your unveiling.

We do ask that orders are Completed within 3 years from date of order placed.

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Q: How can I make payments?

You are most welcome to come in and make payments at any of our Branches as it suits you.

You are welcome to set up an Automatic payment with your bank, we do ask that amounts paid are kept to a minimum of $20 per payment.
*bank details will be supplied on request.

Visa card payments are accepted but they do incur a surcharge of 3%.

International Money Transfers.

Western Union Online Payments from Australia
(lower bank fees - as you are doing the payment online)

Q: Is lay-by available?

Yes, we do offer layby for purchasing of headstones. 
*The headstone must be paid in full before installation and within a 3 year period.

Q: One person is already buried - how do we go about adding a second person to the headstone?

Providing there is space available on the existing headstone, we can do an additional inscription.

If there is no space available we can remove the headstone and re-polish the front face of the headstone (as long as the front face is a flat surface) and start with a new inscription.

We can remove the existing headstone and replace it with a new headstone.

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Q: How long does a headstone take to complete?

Depending on whether we have the headstone in stock, it normally takes around 6-8 weeks. This allows plenty of time to order the photo ceramic (5weeks) and to create a layout using your wording and chosen artwork. 

When ordering a custom-made headstone or a special colour is chosen, a time period of at least 12 weeks is required to have the headstone made and delivered. 

If the headstone is required urgently, we can complete a headstone for you sooner (within a week), depending on availability of stock, you have the wording that you would like to go on the headstone and have chosen your preferred artwork.

The photo ceramic, unfortunately, will still take 5 weeks for processing, but we are able to supply a temporary laminated photograph for your unveiling if needed. 

If we are shipping the headstone for you, 3 weeks should be allowed from the cut off date in order to receive the headstone at its port of destination. We are reliant on the shipping schedules and have no control over any possible delays.

For urgent unveilings in the Islands, we are able to offer Air Freight. This is not available to all destinations, please contact us for more information.
The cost will depend on the weight and the required destination.

Q: What are headstones made of?

We use Granite for our headstones as it will not deteriorate and will hold its polish for many years to come.

Q: Differences between the Standard, Splay and Sub Base, Plinth:

Standard Base: Is a rectangular shape, sized accordingly.

Splay Base: Is a rectangular Base with part of the front edge sloped.

Plinth: Is an additional piece that is placed between the Standard Base and the Headstone.

Sub-base: Is a smaller rectangular shaped base.

Q: What is a recumbent?

A Recumbent is a Desk that is laid down. (Higher at the back, lower in the front)

Q: Can we inscribe headstones in other languages (characters)?

Yes, we offer a variety of dialects including, but not limited to: Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Russian or any other Language required. Please be advised that this service will incur an additional cost.

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